What We Do for You

We Supply Quality Organic Coconut Sugar

Our resolute commitment to quality control serves as the basis for every operational decision we make in the sourcing and production process. Further to this, should you choose to acquire our produce, we are willing to discuss and possibly implement operational changes at CCPs (Critical Control Points) in the production process which you prioritize and/or are concerned about.

Our organic coconut sugar is certified Organic, ISO 22000 : 2005, Kosher, Non-GMO and Halal, among others.

We Provide Customized Packaging

We are set-up to provide customized branding and packaging in accordance with your preferences.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable supply chain in the organic foods industry. Via regular field trainings and interactive seminars, we commit to educating our farmers on the values and standards of sustainable, environmentally -friendly and organic farming practices; this is further supplemented by an integrated Internal Control System (ICS) which we have established to ensure a consistent commitment to these practices.

We believe that happy farmers supply quality produce. We strive to provide our farmers with a proper quality of life and a secure future via initiatives such as the provision of regular medical check-ups, insurance and corporate social events.

Sourcing Organic Produce

Should you want to acquire organic produce from our land, which we do not feature as one of our specific products, please do contact us. Our extensive network of contacts in the field and within the industry will enable us to serve your needs well.