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Originating from the lush Javanese landscape of the Indonesian archipelago,
Keraton possesses a rich and ever-expanding farming heritage
– Access to large areas of natural coconut plantations –
– Highly trained and well equipped for modern farming quality –
– Supports sustainable practices that reduce our environmental footprints –
– Follows strict procedures in accordance to Good Agricultural Practices by FAO –


IMC is Fully Integrated producer of Organic Coconut Sugar that focuses on the welfare of our farmers, sustainability of our land and the well being of our consumer



As a fully integrated producer of Organic Coconut Sugar,
We manage the entire supply chain which includes the following:
– Training our farmers and ICS Team
– Formulation of operating procedures and farming systems
– Certification of our farmers and processes
– Collection of quality coconut sap by our farmers
– Processing of coconut sap into Organic Coconut Sugar
– Monitoring all aspects of macro-farming system.

This includes land cultivation to tree-maintenance and
quality control of initial production process*.
Packaging in our state-of-the-art facility
– Tracking of product source down to the specific tree for post-sales servicing
– Marketing to the global market
– Delivery to our esteemed customers

* Initial production processes include nectar selection,
collection, cooking and transportation.



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