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Our farmers are the heart of soul of IMC

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Quality production since the 1960s

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Organic Coconut Sugar Supplier

A BRC and FAIRTRADE certified company.

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Organic Coconut Sugar Supplier

We are IMC Organic, a fully integrated organic coconut producer from Indonesia.

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We Produce and Supply Organic Coconut Sugar

We are a leading organic coconut sugar supplier in Indonesia. Our carefully selected Organic Coconut Sugar originates from the lush Javanese landscape of the Indonesian archipelago. Being a fully integrated producer of coconut derivatives, we grow our own trees, preserve their natural surroundings, and support our farmers to harvest the fruits of their labour.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team and Internal Control System (ICS) team continually engage with our local farmers to produce Organic Coconut Sugar of premium standards.

BRCGS Food Safety Logo Certificated

We are extremely proud and delighted to share with you that
IMC Organic Coconut Sugar is officially BRCGS GRADE A certified!

IMC - Certificates


CSR is the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable supply chain in the organic foods industry.

Via regular field trainings and interactive seminars, we commit to educating our farmers on the values and standards of sustainable, environmentally-friendly and organic farming practices.

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This is further supplemented by an integrated Internal Control System (ICS) which we have established to ensure a consistent commitment to these practices.



Podomoro City, Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade
Blok B/8 DH, Jakarta 11470, Indonesia

Jl. Menteri Supeno Desa Karangnanas, Kec. Sokaraja, kab. Banyumas

+62 821 1348 5564


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