A quick update

We are pleased to announce that we are back at full speed after a short break during the festive season of Ramadan! We apologize for our slower response during the holidays and thank you for your patience while we were recharging.

The trend of coconut sugar continues on its rise and May 2019 saw yet another new high for us in terms of demand. Let’s continue this trend as our farmer family returns to the field to bring our beloved Organic Coconut Sugar back to your kitchen.

Looking to bring THE BEST ORGANIC COCONUT SUGAR to your country? 
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In case you have missed it previously, IMC Organic Coconut Sugar is now officially FairTrade certified!
We are one family with our farmers and many of our stories are documented in our social website Farmers To Love.
Through interviews and day-to-day interactions, we have compiled many stories of our farmers online to allow you to learn and know them too.

You can also find our 2018 annual social report here.