Cooking Activity With Farmers Wives

PT Integral Mulia Cipta builds a good relationship with organic coconut sugar farmers through “Coconut Sugar Cassava Brownies” cooking activity.

The cooking activity featuring farmers’ wives was held at Tohid’s house, one of Sawangan Village’s organic coconut sugar collectors. The activity was held on Friday, September 14, 2018 and attended by 16 participants.

They seemed enthusiastic during the brownies baking process. They were divided into two groups of eight people.

“I am happy to participate in a cooking activity like this. I will try the cassava brownies recipe at home,” said Suwarti, Tohid’s wife.

Similar opinion was also expressed by Carsini. “We are happy with this activity. Now we know how to make it,” said Carsini, Suyatno’s wife.

They wished that activities involving farmers’ wives will be held regularly with different menus on each meeting. In addition to establishing good friendship, such activity can also be used as means of sharing information and knowledge about recipes and ways to cook various dishes.