Foods That Should be Avoided if You Don’t Wanna Get Diabetes

What foods should be avoided if you don’t want to get diabetes?

1. Soft drinks To find out how much sugar is contained in your drink, carefully examine the nutritional value information label listed on the packaging. Sugar in beverage packaging is labeled with the name carbohydrate.

Soft drinks generally can contain 38 grams of sugar per 350 ml. Some sweet drinks with fruit flavorings also usually use fructose sweetener which is known to trigger insulin resistance, especially in diabetics and accumulation of fat in the stomach.

2. Excessive carbohydrates Bread, pasta, and white rice are the main sources of simple carbohydrates, with only very little fiber. All of them are not the ideal food choices, instead. Those food have simple carbohydrates, which easily absorbed by the body and converted into sugar.

Reducing and replacing rice with foods rich in fiber and protein is a safe way to reduce hunger while keeping diabetic blood sugar levels stable.

3. Foods rich in trans fat Trans fats are mostly found in margarine, jam, and preserved foods. Although it doesn’t directly raise blood sugar levels, trans fats can trigger insulin resistance and risk factors that damages blood vessels such as reducing HDL levels.

Reducing the consumption of trans fat is needed in preventing damage to blood vessels due to diabetes, especially those that are also at high risk of cardiovascular disease