Free medical Check Up For Farmers

Sap tapping is the main job of organic coconut sugar farmers. A good physical condition strongly supports their occupation as sap tappers.

They are tapping every day, regardless of the erratic weather. This erratic weather condition is one of the factors causing health problems.

As a form of corporate social responsibility for organic coconut sugar in target villages, PT Integral Mulia Cipta held “Medical Check-up” program for farmers in the target villages’ area.

The program that was conducted for the first time involved 108 farmers from Jingkang Village. It was held some time ago at ICS Secretariat Office in Jingkang Village, Ajibarang Sub-district, Banyumas.

The company cooperated with health workers from Community Health Center 2 of Jingkang Village. This free medical check-up program is expected to support underprivileged farmers to check their body condition early so that further actions can be made if necessary.

Ironically, farmers’ awareness of the importance of health is still low. They are rarely and almost never took routine medical check-up. They only come to Hospital or Community Health Center when they are seriously ill. Therefore, we try to be proactive by holding medical check-up.

Regarding health insurance for the farmers, PT Integral Mulia Cipta has also provided Insurance program for assisted farmers. This program provides protection for tappers if a work accident that can cause physical disability or even death occurs at any time. Cahyaning also stated her enthusiasm for this program and committed to be able to hold this medical check-up in other villages.