PT IMC Provided Donation of Hygienic Production Kitchen to Farmers

It should be noted that most of the conditions of coconut sugar production kitchen owned by farmers / tappers still do not meet the requirements, starting from the aspets of hygiene, ventilation, lighting and so on.

Considering this condition, PT IMC through the Corporate Social Responsibility department performed assessment in in several kitchens to be chosen as the one meeting the criteria to get the donation.

Through the program of providing hygienic production kitchen initiated by the CSR Department of PT Integral Mulia Cipta, kitchens that have not met these standards have now been renovated to be more feasible.

This program, held for the first time, was given to Munadi, one of the assisted farmers from Karangmangu Village, Banyumas. In addition to going through the renovation process in several parts, now Munadi’s kitchen is also given smoke drain channel through the chimney which is directly thrown out of the kitchen.

He also does not need to worry when the rainy season comes because the roof has been replaced with asbestos. The kitchen is also equipped with a door so that poultry animals can no longer go inside.

Previously, a groundbreaking ceremony was held by Widi Hartanto, as the Operation General Manager of PT IMC as a symbol of the commencement of the construction of the kitchen.

“This is a manifestation of the company’s commitment and social care towards farmers,” he said. He also hopes that this hygienic production kitchen can be a means of supporting organic coconut sugar production activities.

In addition, this kitchen can also be a pilot project so that other farmers are also motivated to improve the condition of their kitchen to conform to organic standards.

This clean production kitchen is a form of corporate social responsibility for the commitment of farmers who keep producing organic coconut sugar. Farmers who receive this program are selected farmers who have a high amount of production and are active in every activity held by the company.

Hopefully, this program provides benefits for farmers to support the production process of organic coconut sugar. The company hopes that the quality of organic coconut sugar production will also increase in terms of quality and quantity.