IMC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear Friends and Families of IMC,

Just 20 days ago, Indonesia reported our first case of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
As of this week, officially over 300,000 cases have been confirmed globally. 

We at IMC are taking this situation very seriously and continue to be very proactive in all aspects of our business with regards to COVID-19. The safety and well-being of our farmers, staff and counterparts (and their families) are of utmost importance to us. We will constantly provide regular communications throughout to ensure the safe working conditions and health of everyone.  

As our Valued Partner, we wish to share with you our new measures across IMC to protect, preserve and promote business continuity:

  • Firstly, International travelling have been restricted to reduce cross-country spreading. During this time, our sales and management teams will continue to connect and reach out through alternative means. Please feel free to contact us by Email, Phone, Whatsapp, Skype, Social Media, Online Chat, etc
  • Our Sales teams will be in constant communication with all our customers to assure them of our continuous ability to meet their requirements, albeit the testing times.
  • Next, visitors to our offices and factories will be restricted on a case by case basis. We request that all guests kindly reach out to get approval before visiting to reduce disappointment.
  • Additionally, we have implemented contingency plans to maintain supply channels during this period to ensure a continuity of supply. We appreciate your support as we may be diverting supply to alternative locations should the need arise, hence, the slower delivery times, if any.

  • Our QA and QC Team have been strictly monitoring the situation on the ground:

    • We will continue to sanitize our locations (70% alcohol) between shifts.
    • Check our Team’s entire well-being before every shift (Temperature Checks) daily 
    • Ensure proper attire (masks) and equipment are worn throughout the day.

  • We will continue to apply Social Distancing:

    • Arranging for applicable departments to work from home (Telecommuting)
    • Considering the feasibility of staggering work hours
    • Leverage on the use of remote offices to minimize possible spreads.
    • Practice necessary precautionary measures to ensure separation of at least a metre between staff (safe distancing measures) at work

  • A gentle reminder for everyone to:

    • “Self-Quarantine” and inform your respective superiors if you are not feeling well or exhibit any flu-like symptoms.
    • Practice good hygiene and wash your hands frequently
    • Refrain from sharing utensils, food, towels, etc.
    • Reduce having visitors for the time being

IMC would like to thank all our Friends and Families for their utmost patience and understanding throughout this situation. We will continue to work together to realize ALL our current commitments and accommodate new ones. We seek that you continually keep in touch with us for any new changes.

Such times like these are great opportunities for us to unite and show the resilience and adaptability of our strong supply chain despite the ever-changing environment.
Together we will overcome this fight against COVID-19!

– Your Fellow Organic Coconut Sugar Lover –

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.
Please continue to stay safe!