Organic Steps of Coconut Sugar

As the most sustainable sweetener in the world, every step in producing coconut sugar is very interesting to watch. Organic coconut trees are carefully selected by Integral Mulia Cipta’s team, trees that qualified will be marked and numbered by our team. Each farmer’s productivity will also be recorded.

Every morning on sunrise and evening before sunset, farmers climb each tree to collect coconut nectar. Nectar is stored in a food grade plastic container and mixed with organic laru. Laru is an organic mangosteen peel extract which is rich in antioxidants to keep the nectar fresh. After collecting all the nectar, farmer will cook the nectar until it turns to thick caramel. The cooking process use natural firewood that can be found in the nearest forest.

After continuous stirring for several hours, the thick caramel will slowly turn into granulated coconut sugar. Sugar is then processed in our factory. There are 3 main steps in our factory, sieving, oven and last quality check. First, sugar is sieved with mesh 16 achieve consistent granule. Second, we oven the sugar with 80 degree celcius heat to remove all the moisture. After the oven, sugar is checked manually to remove any burnt granule.

These processes are all sustainable, natural and organic. We always try to maintain the best quality in every batch. Find out more info about our sustainable process on