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Our Love for Farmers

Our Love for Farmers

As a company who puts forward sustainable farming and social act to the human resources behind it, one of our company’s biggest activity is the Corporate Social Responsibility.

PT. Integral Mulia Cipta currently have around 90 people from CSR and community development team to our CSR program, which based on United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We have organized a number of activities as a gesture of our care, attention and appreciation for our beloved farmers and communities they belong to.

Our CSR programs are an effort to foster a harmonious relationship between our company and the communities in which we work by making a positive impact in whatever ways possible.

Our corporate social responsibility programs are charity, free insurance for farmer, regular health check, distribution of farming equipment, organic kitchen renovation, replanting coconut trees, free after-school courses for farmer’s children, cooking class for farmers’ wives, and many more.

These program has been proven to push more farmers to produce high quality coconut sugar and improve their welfare.

This year, we strive to serve more farmers and make more programs, you can also participate in our program by buying our organic coconut sugar.

Our Commitment

IMC Organic Coconut Sugar is a fully integrated producer of Organic Coconut Sugar, managing the production process from the farming source, through the processing phase, and delivering in bulk or customized retail packaging. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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