IMC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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The safety and well-being of our farmers, staff and counterparts (and their families) are of utmost importance to us. As our Valued Partner, we wish to share with you our new implementations across IMC to protect, preserve and promote business continuity – Sanitizing, Checks, Masks, Social Distancing, Quarantining, Hygiene

Coconut Sugar vs Other Types of Sugar

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There are two common sugars most people know about and consume regularly. First is white table sugar, second is corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup. Both these sugars contain little to no essential nutrients. For every 100 grams (g) of granulated sugar, there are 99.98g of carbohydrates of which 99.80g is pure sugar, with the […]

Replanting Coconut Trees

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The age of coconut tree is one of the determinants factor for the quality and quantity of organic coconut sugar. The productivity age of coconut tree ranges from 10-25 years. After passing these ages, the productivity of the trees will decrease. The average age of coconut trees in Indonesia is more than 25 years. Through […]