A quick update

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We are pleased to announce that we are back at full speed after a short break during the festive season of Ramadan! We apologize for our slower response during the holidays and thank you for your patience while we were recharging. The trend of coconut sugar continues on its rise and May 2019 saw yet […]


Health Benefits of Coconut Sugar (Part 2)

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Not only organic, coconut sugar has lots of health benefits to your body. One of the benefit is it prevents diabetes. While other sugar is typically associated with an increased risk of diabetes, coconut sugar’s level of inulin can help to regular blood sugar and insulin levels, making it a healthier option for diabetics or […]


Health Benefits of Coconut Sugar (Part 1)

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There are few impressive health benefits of coconut sugar including its ability to manage diabetes, boost the immune system, strengthen bones, lower blood pressure, and help weight loss efforts. In this article, we’ll explain about few health benefits of organic coconut sugar The first benefit, it reduces weight gain. With a lower level of fructose […]


Benefits of Breakfast

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No doubt, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Did you know that breakfast secretly has 5 benefits? 1. Breakfast decreases appetite. Studies have shown that consuming breakfast first thing in the morning greatly decreases hunger and cravings throughout the day. Weird right? A lot of people skip breakfast to avoid eating extra […]


Happy International Women’s Day 2019

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Happy International Women’s Day 2019! Right now is a great and important time in history to do everything possible to help forge a more gender-balanced world. Women have come a long way, yet there’s still more to be achieved. One of our corporate social responsibility program @farmerstolove is to support women empowerment around central java. […]


Natural Sweetener That Contains Inulin

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Inulin is a slightly sweet carbohydrate that has certain beneficial properties. It is classified as a fiber because it passes through the digestive tract without being metabolized until it reaches the colon. It is usually found in many root vegetables. Coconut sugar looks a lot like brown sugar, but which of these two contains inulin? Brown […]


See You at BIOFACH 2019

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BIOFACH stands for organic tradition and innovation. It connects the entire sector, from pioneers to newcomers. The annual BIOFACH exhibition is the world’s leading trade fair for natural personal care and organic food. The heart of this industry will once again be beating in Nuremberg, Germany. The next BIOFACH exhibition is scheduled for 13-16 February […]


Organic Steps of Coconut Sugar

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As the most sustainable sweetener in the world, every step in producing coconut sugar is very interesting to watch. Organic coconut trees are carefully selected by Integral Mulia Cipta’s team, trees that qualified will be marked and numbered by our team. Each farmer’s productivity will also be recorded. Every morning on sunrise and evening before […]