Detox Your Body in 24 Hours

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“One negative effect of poor eating and drinking over the course of time is a broken metabolism,” says Sarah Asay, a registered dietitian at BistroMD, a doctor-designed and chef-prepared healthy meal delivery service. Metabolism dysfunction may result in weight gain, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, less energy, food cravings, and trouble sleeping. Have you been eating junk food without […]

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Our Love for Farmers

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As a company who puts forward sustainable farming and social act to the human resources behind it, one of our company’s biggest activity is the Corporate Social Responsibility. PT. Integral Mulia Cipta currently have around 90 people from CSR and community development team to our CSR program, which based on United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals […]


Coconut sugar VS Palm sugar, are they the same?

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Coconut and palm, most people mistaken these two plants as the same. Coconut sugar and palm sugar, also known as arenga sugar are two distinct types of sugar that are obtained in different ways from different plants. The most common mistake is that coconut sugar is sometimes called coconut palm sugar, which can lead to confusion […]


Free medical Check Up For Farmers

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Sap tapping is the main job of organic coconut sugar farmers. A good physical condition strongly supports their occupation as sap tappers. They are tapping every day, regardless of the erratic weather. This erratic weather condition is one of the factors causing health problems. As a form of corporate social responsibility for organic coconut sugar […]

Cooking Activity With Farmers Wives

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PT Integral Mulia Cipta builds a good relationship with organic coconut sugar farmers through “Coconut Sugar Cassava Brownies” cooking activity. The cooking activity featuring farmers’ wives was held at Tohid’s house, one of Sawangan Village’s organic coconut sugar collectors. The activity was held on Friday, September 14, 2018 and attended by 16 participants. They seemed […]

How to Buy Good Coconut Sugar – Step 5#

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Step Five : Sieving Process At IMC, coconut sugar is seived with mesh 16 at the farmer’s kitchen and our factory. This seiving process makes our coconut sugar has consistent size in every batch we produced. A perfect granule size is really important and we set this as one of our quality standard in producing […]

CSR Provides Insurance for farmers

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PT Integral Mulia Cipta has provided insurance program of AM-KKM (Micro-Health Insurance for Accidental Death) for organic palm sugar farmers. This insurance program is performed in the assisted villages of the company, including: Gununglurah Village, Pernasidi Village, Jingkang Village, Pageraji Village, Karangmangu Village, and Sawangan Village in Banyumas Regency as well as Krangean Village in […]