Organic Steps of Coconut Sugar

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As the most sustainable sweetener in the world, every step in producing coconut sugar is very interesting to watch. Organic coconut trees are carefully selected by Integral Mulia Cipta’s team, trees that qualified will be marked and numbered by our team. Each farmer’s productivity will also be recorded. Every morning on sunrise and evening before […]


Detox Your Body in 24 Hours

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“One negative effect of poor eating and drinking over the course of time is a broken metabolism,” says Sarah Asay, a registered dietitian at BistroMD, a doctor-designed and chef-prepared healthy meal delivery service. Metabolism dysfunction may result in weight gain, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, less energy, food cravings, and trouble sleeping. Have you been eating junk food without […]


Coconut sugar VS Palm sugar, are they the same?

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Coconut and palm, most people mistaken these two plants as the same. Coconut sugar and palm sugar, also known as arenga sugar are two distinct types of sugar that are obtained in different ways from different plants. The most common mistake is that coconut sugar is sometimes called coconut palm sugar, which can lead to confusion […]

Coconut Sugar vs Other Types of Sugar

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There are two common sugars most people know about and consume regularly. First is white table sugar, second is corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup. Both these sugars contain little to no essential nutrients. For every 100 grams (g) of granulated sugar, there are 99.98g of carbohydrates of which 99.80g is pure sugar, with the […]

Tuition Classes for Farmer’s Children

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Community Development Team of PT. Integral Mulia Cipta is not only providing assistance and training to improve the production of organic coconut sugar but also noticing the aspect of education. They provide tuition classes of mathematics and English to the farmers’ children in the assisted villages including Jingkang Village, Sawangan Village, Gununglurah Village, and Pernasidi […]

Replanting Coconut Trees

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The age of coconut tree is one of the determinants factor for the quality and quantity of organic coconut sugar. The productivity age of coconut tree ranges from 10-25 years. After passing these ages, the productivity of the trees will decrease. The average age of coconut trees in Indonesia is more than 25 years. Through […]

Gingerbread Cookies

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Too soon for gingerbread cookies? of course no! Have a little hint of Christmas for your family by making this Healthier Gingerbread Cookies! INGREDIENTS Cookies 3 cups (310 grams) Bob’s Red Mill organic whole wheat pastry flour or regular whole wheat flour, plus more for work surface 2 teaspoons ground ginger 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon […]