(Infographic) Benefits of Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar is very popular nowadays. Thank you for its great benefits, it became one of the food trends every single year.

Why should you change your daily white sugar with organic coconut sugar?

Herewith we summarize the benefits of this sugar:

  1. It is low in glycemic index. When our bodies absorb sugar at a slower rate, our bodies are much happier!
  2. It is rich in amino acids and contains 16 out of 20! It is especially high in glutamine which is great for supporting metabolic function.
  3. Compare to other sugars, this sugar has very low calories for about 15 calories per teaspoon.It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains 12 of the B vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc.
  4. It’s tasty! It tastes very similar to brown sugar and can be used just the same when baking, it also caramelizes nicely too! And you can even grind it into powdered sugar.
  5. By purchasing our Organic Coconut Sugar, you will help others quality of life. As we handle all supply chain starting from farmer education until export of the final goods. We aim to build a mechanism that can contribute to society by establishing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team & Internal Control System (ICS) team to assist and directly engage in local farmers’ development in Indonesia to produce high-quality Organic Coconut Sugar. You can find more information about our CSR team on their website here.
  6. It’s organic! Which means it doesn’t require any additives and chemicals to make it.

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Infographic of the benefits of Organic Coconut Sugar
Benefits of Organic Coconut Sugar infographic

As the direct producer of Organic Coconut Sugar in Indonesia, we are glad to inform you that it is now available in bulk and the retail in the USA.

For more information :
 E-mail: info@organic-coconut-sugar.com

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