Tuition Classes for Farmer’s Children

Community Development Team of PT. Integral Mulia Cipta is not only providing assistance and training to improve the production of organic coconut sugar but also noticing the aspect of education.

They provide tuition classes of mathematics and English to the farmers’ children in the assisted villages including Jingkang Village, Sawangan Village, Gununglurah Village, and Pernasidi Village. This program is a form of company concern on farmers’ children education.

These tuition classes are provided to farmers’ children of early childhood, Kindergarten, and Primary School. “Sawangan Village will be used as village model for tuition classes program.

This program will be held every day, Monday to Friday with alternately schedule in each village,” said Tigor Sihombing, as the manager of community development. This program aims to prepare the future of the young generation by providing knowledge for them.

In addition, this program is also as a means of strengthening the relationship between the company and farmers. The program which is held in the afternoon receives positive responses form the participants.

In fact, this program is not only for the farmers’ children but also for all children who are interested in joining this program.