Vision and Mission of Our CSR

As the basis for a successful and sustainable supply chain, PT Integral Mulia Cipta utilizes a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that has already assisted more than one thousand organic coconut sugar farmers throughout our certification area.

Our CSR program has helped increase productivity and yields, provided healthcare, basic education, and family welfare and taught the values and practical standards of environmentally friendly organic farming.”

Core facets of our CSR approach include the distribution of farming equipment, an organic kitchen program, women’s empowerment initiatives, after school free courses for children, monthly bulletin, routine health examinations, insurance, and company social events.

Our vision and our mission

Vision. As the basis of PT Integral Mulia Cipta’s successful and sustainable supply chain. We are committed to improve the welfare of our farmers in addition to conserving the natural environment and food of Indonesia by encouraging our farmers to produce their product organically.

Mission. We have undertaken a mission to put first our corporate social responsibility effort based on the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through the support of our company stakeholders. Our mission is a commitment to improve living standards of the farmers economically.