We are FAIRTRADE Certified!

We are extremely proud and delighted to share with you that IMC Organic Coconut Sugar is officially Fairtrade certified!

Farmers have been and always will be the foundation of our company. Through the years, we have never wavered from our vision of empowering our farmer family through community development efforts and rewarding fair trade prices for their work. The attainment of the FairTrade mark not only serves as a recognition of our work in the field but also as a reinforcement of our beliefs that we can help our farmers fulfill their potential in the modern world. 

Lets make a difference together for the ones who bring us the coconut sugar that we love. We will continue to serve as the bridge between our farmer family and consumers, promoting fairer trading conditions and empowering them to achieve a control over their futures. 

Please do not hesitate to write us to ask for more information in regards to our FairTrade certification or if you are interested in our Organic Coconut Sugar @ info@organic-coconut-sugar.com 

Learn more about what we do! 

We are a family with our farmers and many of our stories are documented in our social website (www.farmerstolove.com).

Through interviews and day-to-day interactions, we have compiled many stories of our farmers online to allow you to learn and know them too. 

Please also check out our Community Development activities through our year books!
Community Development Yearbook 2018 http://www.organic-coconut-sugar.com/PDF/CSR-Report-2018.pdf
Community Development Yearbook 2017 http://www.organic-coconut-sugar.com/PDF/CSR-Report-2017.pdf